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Atlantic County AVA Inventory Listings


The existing Atlantic County AVA facility on the ACIT campus will be closing as of June 30, 2012. The most popular media titles will be moved to the SRI & ETTC in Galloway and will continue to circulate via pick-up to member districts.
The items listed below are available for donation to member districts.

Claiming Inventory:
If your district is interested in items from the AVA media catalogue or any of the items listed below please email Courtney Regan, [email protected], with the exact item description and your  district/school information. All members are responsible for picking up the requested inventory and will be asked to sign a release form upon receipt of item.

Please note: Inventory is available on a first come, first serve basis.

AVA Media Catalog, please see attached PDF.


Computer peripheral equipment

Item Quantity
Dell Trinitron Monitor-AVA 13045 1
Viewsonic 19" monitor 1
Dell 17" flatscreen  monitor 1
Gateway computer monitor- EV910, 17 inch computer monitor 1
Cream keyboard with built-in track ball 1
HP Cream keyboard with built-in track ball 1
Dell QuietKey cream keyboard  1
Dell QuietKey cream keyboard - AVA ID code 13048 1
EMachines  keyboard - black 1
IBM  keyboard - black 1
Dell keyboard - black 2
Dell QuietKey cream keyboard - AVA ID code 13047 1
HP Cream keyboard 2
Dell mice-cream 2
IBM computer mouse black 1
Maxlor External Hard Drive-80 GB 1
APC Surge Protector-6 outlets 1
APC Surge Protector-8 outlets 1
Premier RapidFold 7200 folding machine 1
Swintec 8016 Select Series typewriter 1
Lab-tech speakers, 2 sets with 2 speakerseach  2
Dell Photo 924 color printer/scanner 1



Item Quantity
Desk, metal, 40"w x 27"h x 26"d- no drawers, 1 cabinet 1
Desk, wood pressboard, 48"w x 27"h x 27"d- 2 drawers and shelving unit on top 1
Work table, grey metal, 70"w x 29"h x 34"d 1
Work station, grey metal, 62"w x 42"h x 28"d- cabinet and shelving unit on bottom and work space on top 1
Rolling office chairs 3
Office chairs metal with orange seats 6
Work table, wood - 8'l x 40"w x 42"h 1
L-shaped desk with 4 drawers, metal with wood top-main desk, 5'w x 30w x 30" d,  side desk 30"l x 18" w 1
Wood pressboard worktable,  24"w x 27"h x 26"d 1
Wood pressboard worktable/desk,  48"w x 27"h x 26"d 1
Plastic chair, brown-70's office style  1
Metal desk,  54"w x 29"h x 24"d -70's office style  1

Telephone Equiptment

Item Quantity
ATT corded phone-black 1
Corded phone with answering machine-cream 1
V-TEch cordless phone-silver/black 1
ATT corded speaker phone  1
ATT answering machine 1
GE answering machine 1
V-TEch cordless phone-black 1


Printers/Fax Machines

Item Quantity
Xerox Phaser 8200 color printer  1
HP Laserjet 4 with 2 ink cartridges 1
Brother Intellifax 2800 1
Epson LQ 570 dot matric printer with paper and one printer cartridge 1


Televisions, VHS and DVD Equiptment

Item Quantity
Pioneer Laser Disk Player-black 1
Toshiba DVD Player-black 1
JVC 28" analog television 1
Samsung 13" television-black 1
JVC VHS player-black  1
Panasonic VHS player-black 1
RadioShack VHS tape rewinder 1


Small Appliances

Item Quantity
Magic Chef Mini Fridge-18"x 28"x 18", white 1
Magic Chef Microwave-12"x 20"x 12", white 1
Mr Cofffee Coffeemaker, white 1
Eureka tank vacuum 1



Item/Details Quantity
Vintage film carriers, various sizes 60